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Every student will graduate prepared for college, career and citizenship.

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The Heatly Drama Club invites you to our production of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. Shows will take place on Friday, April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. Both begin at 7PM in the Heatly Gynmasium. Tickets are $5 per person. 

I've attached the two posters we are using for our show. You might have seen them around the school and in the community. These were the result of a contest in Mr. Fong's Graphic Design class. The winning poster is by Elijah Legault, ​and will be featured on our playbill, and the runner up was created by Orianna Spoon

We are also selling ad space, and looking for patrons/well-wishers to put in our playbill.   I think you will find our prices to be very reasonable and all the proceeds will support the cost of our productions. If you are interested, please take a look at the attached ad contract. The document is also posted on our website: 

On behalf of the drama advisers and directors, thank you for your support. We hope to see you on April 22nd and 23rd!

Upcoming Board of Education Meeting

Attention Residents: On Tuesday morning, April 19, there will be a special meeting of the Board of Education at 9:00 a.m.  to vote on the 2016-17 school budget proposal and also on the BOCES annual Budget. There will be a Budget Hearing on the proposed budget at the regular meeting of the Board on May 5 at 7 p.m. The proposed budget that the Board will review on Tuesday morning represents a 1.66% increase in the budget.  Last year, the voters approved a budget of $6,971,485.  The Board will consider the new budget at $7,087,303, which is equal to a $115,818 increase, budget to budget.  The impact on the Tax levy will be a decrease of 6.32%.  We hope you will join us at either the Tuesday morning meeting or at the Budget Hearing on May 5.  The annual budget vote and election will be on Tuesday, May 17.



School will be closed on Friday, May 13th and Friday, May 27th due to the fact that the district has not used any snow days for the school year.  In case of any emergency that leads to a school closing, one of these two dates will be used as potential school days.  


Dr. Snyder and Mrs. Peteani will be making a presentation to all parents of the junior class regarding next year's classes on April 20th.  Please read the attached letter for more details. 

Dear Junior Parents.pdf

Letter to Parents Regarding Upcoming Scoliosis Screening

Elementary/Letter to Parents Regarding Scoliosis Screening.docx


The State Education Department has informed Green Island Union Free School District that we have received a Focus School designation  based on our test scores and on our graduation rate.  The District will be working with State Ed to formulate a plan for improvement.

News from the Guidance Office

Any student that needs to take a Regents exam in June must sign up with Mrs. Zepperi in the Guidance Office as soon as possible.

Graduation requirements

Spring is quickly approaching and the guidance office will be meeting with students to create schedules for next school year very soon.  All parents and students are encouraged to look at the attached document which states the most current New York State High School Graduation Requirements. 

New York State Graduation Requirements 2016

Transportation Request

Any parent requesting transportation to a non-public school for the 2016-2017 school year must hand in written request to Mrs. Erin Peteani by April 1, 2016.

Heatly Drama Club

Heatly is proud to announce that it will be presenting their rendetion of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" in April 2016. The Advisors would like all participants to be aware that schedules will be posted on the Heatly Drama Club website,


At the January 7, 2016 Board of Education meeting a new administrative structure was put in place.  Dr. Teresa Thayer Snyder, who was appointed interim Superintendent in July, was appointed Superintendent.  Her position will be a part time position.  Erin Peteani remains as Principal and Jodi Mazzeo will assume the role of the Associate Principal.  Mrs. Mazzeo has served as a part time administrator and will now be assuming a full time role.   She will still serve as the District’s Director of Special Education and the Director of Physical Education. At the February meeting, Brian Ford was appointed as the District’s Athletic Director.

Message from Superintendent

Dr. Teresa Snyder held two assemblies for JR/HS students this week.  Please take a look at the attached powerpoint for more information.

New Year New Semester Great Expectations.pdf


Notice Regarding Safe Arrival & Dismissal
Beginning on the first day of school, safe traffic patterns will be enacted during arrival and dismissal of students. The area in front of the school on Hudson Avenue is only for drop off or pick up, not for parking or standing. Please have children disembark from the car on the right hand side onto the sidewalk and then move the car forward so the next party can drop off. Please do not stop in the traffic lane or double park. If a parent feels the need to walk a child into the building, please park north of the school by the River Park or in the Ford lot and walk back to school. The local police will be assisting in making the pattern a safe one for the children by directing the traffic to move forward smoothly. Drivers who do not comply with the posted traffic rules may be ticketed. Thank you for your help in making arrival and dismissal safe.


Students of the Month


Raema Gillam, Grade 8

student of the month Raema was nominated as Student of the Month because of the quality of her work, her work ethic, and her friendly attitude. Mr. Manning’s nomination mentioned that in social studies she “can always be counted on to put optimal effort into each assignment while working independently or as part of a group.” She is “internally driven to produce her best and to learn.” Raema currently holds a 95% average in Social Studies 8. Mrs. Michaels feels that Raema is “always positive, polite, and friendly. She genuinely wants to learn and works hard to do her best.” Raema is also dong a great job in PE and French. Mrs. Arasim says she “volunteers and goes the extra mile in PE,” and Mrs. Seney added that “Raema is a conscientious student who has the internal drive to work hard and do her best no matter what.”

Elijah Legault, Grade 11

 Elijah’s work in 11th grade was highly praised bStudent of the monthy his teachers. In Ms. Meglino’s nomination, she noted that Elijah “is always respectful. He isn’t afraid to ask questions and hands in all his work!” Mrs. Starr seconded the nomination and added that “he is a very hard worker in Forensics and is always polite and a pleasure to have in class. He is willing to help others and always participates in class.” Congratulations, Elijah, for being a stand out in 11th grade.





Illiana Rocque, Grade 7

student of the month Both Art teacher, Mr. Fong and English teacher, Mrs. Bokor nominated Illiana for her excellent work in 7th grade.  Mrs. Boker noted that Illiana is organized and is an active participant in English class. She has continued to work hard all year and has a great work ethic. Illiana is friendly and avoids a lot of unnecessary drama.” Mr. Fong is impressed with Illiana’s artistic ability and her self-motivation.



Derrick James, Grade 11

Student of the monthDerrick was nominated as student of the month by Mrs. Starr. In Chemistry, Derrick is always asking questions to be sure he fully understands the material, and he is willing to help others in class. Derrick is always kind and polite.








Olivia Diaz, Grade 8

olivia diaz
Olivia is doing a great job in keyboarding this year according to Mrs. Michaels. She is always interested in doing her best work and isn’t afraid to ask questions to be sure she understands. Olivia is a polite and friendly girl and is respectful to both adults and her classmates.





Marcel Walls, Grade 11

Marcel Walls
Marcel Walls was nominated by Ms. Meglino, his English teacher. She said, “Marcel has really turned things around this quarter. I’ve seen a huge change in his work ethic and his academic performance. He has been handing in high-quality work and consistently participates in class discussions.”





 Morgan Razzano, Grade 9
                                        student on the month November

Morgan was nominatedby several of her teachers. Mr. Manning said she is “carrying a 99% average in Global History and is very studious when it comes to all things tied to the classroom.” Mrs. Hildenbrandt noted that although Morgan is involved in extra-curricular activities, she still does all her work done, routinely gets the highest score on tests and always has her homework done. Morgan is also a standout in math. According to Mr. Grolley, “She is always striving to do HER best. She is constantly asking questions, completes her homework and scores well on tests and quizzes. She doesn’t just rely on her natural ability, she works hard in class . . .” Mr. Fong added his praise by saying, “Morgan is a good choice for Student of the Month. She works hard in art and always tries to go above and beyond with her assignments.


Devin Lazzaro, Grade 10

student of the month november Devin was nominated to be November Student of the Month by Mrs. Bokor, his English teacher. In her nomination, Mrs. Bokor said, “He always comes to class prepared; he works hard, does what he needs to do, is polite, and is a hilarious reader!” Devin is well thought of by all his teachers and is known for his excellent work ethic and self-motivation.




Brooke Cornwell, Grade 8

BrookeMr. Manning nominated Brooke for her work this year in Social Studies 8. He said, "she is very studious, completes all assignment with a top-notch effort, and she is a great addition to the class-room.” Brooke is also doing a great job in Keyboarding. She currently has a 98% average and works hard every day to perfect her typing technique. Brooke is always polite and respectful and has a strong work ethic. Congratulations, Brooke, on the great work you’re doing in 8th grade!

Stephen LaFountaine, Grade 9stephen

Stephen’s teachers are proud of the effort and maturity he has brought to his school work this year. Mrs. Starr commented that Stephen works hard all period in Science and is a pleasure to have in class. Mrs. Michaels is also happy with Stephen’s work in Business Communication. He recently took part in a debate in class and stayed after school several times for extra research time. He put together great arguments and represented his side well. His attitude in class has been positive and polite. Stephen should be proud of the growth he has made over the past year.

2015-16 School Calendar [calendar]

Graduates Give Back

Please see and link and letter.

NWEA Parent Information [PDF]

Questions and Answers About the Common Core Learning Standards [INFORMATION]

Tax Freeze Credit Fact Sheet [INFORMATION]

Revisions to the School Attendance Policy

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Revisions to the School Code of Conduct

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Notice to Remove Students Names for Recruitment for [notice]

The District Encourages the Use of School Tool

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Common Core Curriculum Resources for Parents

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