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Special Education

Legal Notice

Pursuant to section 300.573 (b) of 34 CFR of the Federal Regulations 20, the Green Island Union Free School District is destroying all records of students who received special education services with birth dates in the years 1983 or prior. Students falling within this time frame who wish to obtain their records from the Office of Special Education must contact Jodi Mazzeo prior to October 15, 2010 at the Green Island Union Free School District (273-1422). Records not claimed by this date will be removed from the files and destroyed.

Helpful Resources for Special Education Parents and Students

Parent Guide to Special Education - A Parent's Guide to Special Education provides information for parents, guardians and other family members about laws, regulations and policies affecting special education programs and services. Spanish translation also available at this site.

Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities, Ages 3-5 - Web site with information for parents of preschool children suspected of having a disability.

Resolving Concerns About Your Child's Special Education Services - Web site with information and steps to resolve concerns regarding your child and his/her special education programs or services.

Are You the Parent of a Child with a Disability? - Web site with information relating to access to the general education curriculum and the safety net for students with disabilities who pursue a Regents or local high school diploma.

Special Education Mediation: Real Solutions Where Everybody Wins - Web site describes a cooperative way to help resolve differences of opinion between parents and school districts regarding special education programs and services.

Parts 200 and 201 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education - Web site with information on the responsibilities of school districts and provides definitions as related to services for students with disabilities. Procedural Safeguards (PDF)

General Education & Diploma Requirements - Access General Education & Diploma Requirements Chart, updated in January 2010, which highlights diploma requirements for students entering Grade 9 in 2002 through 2010. This chart includes information on the required units of credit and examinations for a Regents diploma, a Regents diploma with advanced designation, or a local diploma.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services for High School Students – Web site offering a question and answer resource for parents with information on eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services and placement services including job-seeking skills training, employer referrals, work tryouts and on-the-job services.

Transition from School to Post-School for Students with Disabilities - These resources are designed to assist schools, students and families with the transition from school to post-school. Transition planning and services are designed to prepare a student with a disability to achieve his or her post-secondary goals related to living, learning and earning within the community.

Learning Disabilities Association of New York State - LDA of New York State is a nationally affiliated non-profit parent/professional organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents in 1958 to promote the education and general welfare of individuals with learning disabilities. LDA of New York State membership includes parents, educators, adults with learning disabilities and professionals from a variety of related fields.