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Student of the Month



Danielle Boyd, Grade 7
Girl student of the month
Danielle was recognized for her work in English, Home and Careers, Science and Physical Education. Ms.Meglino said that, “Danielle is an excellent student. She is respectful, responsible and always participates. She also actively reads outside of the classroom.” Mrs. Michaels agreed that Danielle is always, “. . . right on task and actively participates in class discussions. She is friendly and polite to adults as well as her classmates.” Mrs. Starr also mentioned Danielle’s hard work and willingness to help anyone struggling in class. In addition to these academic areas, Danielle was also recognized for her work in PE. Mrs. Arasim said that “Danielle is the perfect representation of an athlete. she is always changed to participate, she is engaged in class and chooses to do the ‘right thing’ when others do not. Danielle demonstrates the qualities of sportsmanship, fairness and respect.”


Kenyatte Jackson, Grade 9girl student of the month

Yatte has been doing a great job in 9 th grade. Mr. Fong nominated Yatte as February Student of the Month because of her work ethic and positive attitude in art. He is proud of her effort and her desire to always try her best at whatever task is required for her assignments. Mrs. Grolley agreed that Yatte is a hard worker in math and is always asking questions to understand the content and do her best. Yatte was also nominated for her work in Spanish. Ms. McCarthy is pleased that Yatte’s work in class has improved lately because of her hard work and desire to do well. Yatte is doing a great job in 9 th grade and her teachers are proud of her efforts.



Karleigh Seeloff, Grade 7girl student on the month

Karleigh Seeloff was nominated for her work in math, English and science. Mr. Grolley’s nomination pointed out that Karleigh has continued to keep her grades up in spite of a busy basketball schedule. He mentioned her consistent effort and hard work in math. Ms. Meglino called Karleigh, “a great student, always asking questions and completing her work. She has a postitive attitude and is always very respectful.” Karleigh is also a standout in science class. Mrs. Starr is impressed with Karleigh’s excellent use of class time and her polite and helpful manner.

Congratulations, Karleigh for your great work in 7th grade.


Cierra Terrault, Grade 10student of the month

Cierra Terrault is doing great work in science and social studies. In his nomination, Mr. DeConno said that Cierra, “is always striving to do her best and always comes to class ready to work.” He also noted that she, “always has a positive attitude in class and is very respectful.” Mr. Manning called Cierra, “a standout student who puts her top effort into all assignments and strives to do her best at all times.”

Cierra Terrault is an excellent example of a student who is focused on doing well in school. Well done, Cierra!



Courtney Cook, Grade 7student of the month

 Courtney Cook was nominated for her excellent work in English, Spanish, Academic Seminar and mentoring. Her positive attitude and hard work were mentioned in all her nominations, and her willingness to ask for help and to help others was recognized. Courtney focuses on her work and cares about her grades, avoiding drama of other students. Courtney is doing a great job in 7th grade and is a model for other students.


Rylie VanBramer, Grade 12student of the month

 Rylie VanBramer is a standout for her work in the Great Expec-tations program of grade 12. Her hard work and dedication to her college courses has put her at the top of her class. Throughout this semester, she has taken the college course load seriously and she is excelling. Her work is always well done and she asks questions to be sure she understands the content.

 Rylie presented her culminating project to teachers and administrators and did an outstanding job. Her presentation skills were fantastic; her knowledge of the content and her confident presentation skills made her presentation excellent. Rylie is definitely a role model for student success in high school as well as college.

November                                                          student of the month

Alexis Cornwell, Grade 7

Alexis was nominated for her work in Math and Academic Seminar. In his nomination, Mr. Grolley said, “Alexis is a bright light during class. She is always attentive and engaged. She asks questions and gives her best. Her dedication and hard work is
inspiring.” Mrs. Michaels is also happy with Alexis’ work inAcademic Seminar. She pointed out that Alexis participates readily and always does a great job, no matter what the assignment.

 student of the month

Marcel Walls, Grade 12

Marcel Walls is a student who has been nominated time and time again for Student of the Month throughout his high school career. Marcel is doing an outstanding job as part of the Great Expectations senior program. In her nomination, Mrs. Michaels commented that Marcel is handling the college-level work of Computer Concepts and Applications very well and he has used good time management skills to keep up with the work. Marcel is always polite and friendly and he is a responsible and active member of the class of 2017. Ms. Kirch, class advisor, can always count on him to help out with class activities when needed.


Sara Wilmot, Grade 8

Sara was nominated by Ms. Boker for her work in English 8. Sara stands out in 8th grade for her mature attitude, polite manner and quality school work. She works hard and always does what is asked of her in her classes.  She keeps her grades very high and cares about the quality of her work.

Sara is off to a good start in 8th grade.


Michael Carey, Grade 11

Mike has had a great start to his junior year. He was nominated by three of his teachers for his work in grade 11. In her nominated, Ms. Meglino noted that “Mike has been very focused and has been putting a forth great deal of effort into his English assignments.” Mrs. Michaels is impressed with Mike’s effort this year. In her nomination, she mentioned that Mike is doing a great job in Business Communication and is genuinely interested in learning. She also remarked that Mike is participates regularly, is focused and goes out of his way to be polite. Science teacher, Mr. Crodelle, also nominated Mike for his focus on school work and his concern for his grades.

Well done, Mike!


Dnyaneshwan Mudugar, Grade 7student of the month

Congratulations to Dnyaneshwan for his selection as Student of the Month for grades 6-8.  Dnyaneshwan’s positive attitude was mentioned over and over again in his teacher’s nominations. Mr. Grolley said that Dnyaneshwan, “. . . has such a positive attitude and is always joyful. His energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious. . .  when he is around, it is hard to not smile.” In art, Dnyaneshwan is a positive person and works super hard in class. Mrs. Pelletier is proud of Dnyaneshwan’s class participation in English 7 and his happy, delightful manner.

 Dnyaneshwan is off to a great start in grade 7!


Morgan Razzano, Grade 10student of the month

 Morgan Razzano was nominated to be September’s Student of the Month by several of her teachers. In their nominations, each teacher mentioned Morgan’s work ethic, focus and helpfulness.

Morgan is a hard worker and is not afraid to volunteer in class, even when she is not 100% sure of the answer. Morgan also stands out among her peers for her ability to stay focused in spite of distractions. She will wisely maneuver her way into situations where she can get her work done with minimal distractions. She seeks help when she needs it, and if always willing to help her classmates. Congratulations, Morgan!

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